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Think of vibiio as your emergency contact and adjuster all in one!
vibiio immediately assesses your damage, dispatches the right experts to fix it and can file the claim with your insurance company, all from your phone or tablet!

Once you download & register with vibiio, you'll have 24/7 access to a licensed and experienced expert.

Water Damage

Sudden accidental leaks to your property, broken pipes, overflowing toilets or sinks, we've seen it all and are ready to help you!

Hurricane/Storm Damage

A hurricane, or thunderstorm can cause  damage to your home or business. The roof, walls, windows or doors can be affected by strong winds and lightning.

Fire/Electrical Damage

Gas leaks, grease fires, lightning and the damage left over from putting them out is extremely challenging for homeowners. Get instant help from the pros!

We work with your insurance

Vibiio serves as your "first on scene" in the event of an emergency. We are insurance professionals and know how to document and assess damage immediately to provide it to your insurance carrier.

Licensed and Experienced Insurance Professionals

All of our vibiiographers are licensed and experienced professionals.  They are here to assist you and get things fixed!

Updates to secure your home

vibiio does more than help you report a claim, we will let you know if there is a storm projected to come in your area as well as other helpful tips and resources.

File a claim on your policy instantly from your phone!

Talk to an insurance professional on-demand!

We work with all insurance companies!

Fast, free, and easy to use web and smartphone app.

It seemed too simple to be true but vibiio really came through for us.  The adjuster who guided my husband through the video of our damage was great. He explained what we needed to capture on the video so that we’d get what we really needed to repair the bathroom completely.  We didn’t even realize how far the damage had gone until he asked us to check the bottom of the vanity.   Wasn’t at all as stressful as we thought it would be.


Using vibiio was a lot easier than I expected. I've never really had to deal with my insurance company for something like this before. Having Sylvie to walk me through the video and talk to me about the damage to my home put me at ease.


When a pipe busted in my home while I was away, I was dreading having to go through the hassle of filing my claim. I downloaded vibiio and in 20 minutes they helped me document what had happened, sent it to my insurance company and sent the workers to my home to complete the repair. I'd recommend vibiio for any homeowner stressing out about damage to their home.


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